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A camping trip can be quite inexpensive, cheap tents come in many popular designs and different shapes, sizes, fabrics and qualities are available. The type of tent you choose depends large on the number of individuals that need to live and sleep in it, and also on the type of place where you intend to camp, be it in the wild or on a camp site. We will look at some popular tents which can be bought quite cheaply.

A very popular design is the Dome Tent. This type of tent can be excellent value considering how much space you have for your financial outlay, they are not very heavy and are pretty strong in the wind. In addition, they do not take long to pitch but the smaller ones are short on space and internal height.

Pop Up Tents are a recent design, and are some of the cheapest tastes, single-skin models can be very fast to erect, you remove the tent from its carrying bag and it will spring open to full size then you peg it out and that's it. Double-skinned models are a bit different, and require the outer to be fixed over the popped-up inner before pegging.

Tunnel Tents have semi-circular hoops formed from tent poles supporting the tent outer fabric. They are stable and stand up to windy weather quite well, coming in 2 person size to 10 person size or more.

In the design of Frame Tents, a tubular steel frame forms the structure of the tent and supports the outer. The inner tent hangs from this frame to give the sleeping compartments, and there is room to stand up straight plus plenty of living area. They can be slow to pitch and are heavy.

Popular with backpackers, Lightweight Tents are light enough to be transported in the camper's rucksack with the rest of the camping gear. Normally this type of tent sleeps no more than two people, and standing up in them is not possible. More robust versions are used for camping in exposed places eg mountainous areas.

A number of other designs of tent are available and are not mentioned here, some have features of a number of these common tents combined. Make sure that you choose a tent with sufficient size to fit all who will be sleeping in it, and that it is not excessively heavy to transport to the camp site. Seek advice from a good local tent shop if you are unsure about which cheap tents are a good buy.

Source by Peter S Martin