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Wickedly Wild White Water Raft Rides
Where there's a river, there are rapids and Turangi is just about as famous for its white water rafting as its fly fishing. Tongariro River Rafting will entertain, delight and thrill you as navigate the white water of the mighty Tongariro.

These guys really know this river like no-one else. From gentle river floats for kids and first-time rafters to wickedly wild and wet roller coaster rides, this is an experience you'll remember for years to come.

Cruise Lake Taupo on a sail boat
"Sail on down the line, is not it funny how the time can go, all my friends say they told me so but it does not matter …" Even if you're not a fan of the soothing crooning tones of Lionel Ritchie, a cruise on this beautiful sailboat will bring every 'sailing' song you know to mind. This 1920's 50 foot ocean going yacht, once owned by debonair Hollywood actor Errol Flynn, now sails the beautiful pristine waters of Acacia Bay, Mine Bay and Rangitira Point on Lake Taupo.

Take a private charter or hop on one of several daily scenic cruises and sail Lake Taupo for a couple of hours. Along the way, you'll take in Taupo's famous Maori Rock Carvings. Over 10 meters high, these Maori Rock Carvings the largest rock carvings of their kind and only accessible by boat.

Hire your own boat and make your own fun
You may be wondering why this is included in this list of the 'Best'. However, you do not have to be the largest, the wildest or the wettest to make this list. Motuoapa offers a complete change of direction for people who love to make their own fun.

The best way to start is to hire a self-drive boat from Motuopa Boat Hire. With fishing tackle and fishing license in hand, you can fish the lake at your leisure while exploring the Motuoapa bay and surroundings. Relax and enjoy the tranquil peace and quiet of this idyllic bay as you take in its scenic lake, forest and mountain views.

Jet Boat to the Spectacular Huka Falls
The most visited natural attraction in New Zealand; spectacular Huka Falls never fails to amaze visitors no matter how many times you visit it. The largest set of falls on the Waikato River, this visual feat of raging torrents is the result of the Waikato River, normally 100 meters wide, being forced through a 15 meter gorge and down a 20 meter drop. A pedestrian bridge crosses the falls, giving visitors ample opportunities to take loads of photos.

For a different perspective on the falls, take a thrilling jet boat ride with Hukafalls Jets. Not for the faint hearted; you'll experience 360o spins and race by sheer rock faces on your way to the falls. You'll arrive at the base of awe inspiring Huka Falls; snap some memorable shots, before enjoying another exhilarating ride back along the Waikato River.

Being in hot water was never so much fun
Taupo is famous for a lot of things, including its geothermal activity. And where there's heat, there's hot water. Plenty of it! Taupo AC Baths is the ideal all weather destination. With thermally heated warm and hot pools, private thermal mineral pools and hydroslides, this is the perfect place for the whole family.

Another 'must visit' are the Tokaanu Thermal Pools. Based in Tokaanu at the Southern end of the Lake; these pools have been used by the locals for centuries as a very welcome way to rejuvenate and still delight young and old with their warm soothing, therapeutic water.

Source by Leslie Preston