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If you have just discovered the thrill of off road dirt motor bike riding and want to find out more about trail riding and the requirements to enter then keep reading. There are dozens of events and organizers located across New Zealand for dirt motor bike enthusiasts. If you are eager to practice riding and discover what you can do on your dirt motor bike it is a good idea to get into contact with some experienced riders and / or join a motocross club in your area – these are located across New Zealand and shouldn 't be too hard to find with a simple search online.

You will be surprised at how long some of these clubs have been around for. Many motocross clubs organize charitable events to raise money for a variety of good causes, so not only will you be enjoying a day racing across farmlands, over hills, down hills and over jumps, you will also be helping to raise money for a charity.

To become a good rider you will appreciate the advice experienced riders can give you regard to various techniques such as your standing position. In addition to joining a club and learning from others who have been riding dirt motor bikes for years, you can also find some great websites and blogs focused on off road riding. Find other people new to the sport just like yourself and / or other riders in your area keen on getting together to exchange advice and tips.

What can you expect at a trail ride? Well, firstly you will need to sign-in (make sure you are early as the event organizers, plus the other riders, will appreciate getting underway as soon as possible). Next there is usually some form of debriefing about the day's event and the terrain of the track. Organizers will indicate if the trial ride is suitable for all levels of riders and style of motorbikes beforehand. Many of the tracks have been bulldozed especially while retaining the natural terrain of the land. There will also be marshals who you need to listen to and take directions from during the ride.

You will require all the standard safety protection including: helmets, gloves, long sleeves, riding trousers and you must wear proper motorcycle boots. It is also advisable to invest in body armor, protection pads and a good pair of goggles – unless you want to be stopping to get the mud out of your eyes.

There are various online stores that specialize in off road motocross gear and accessories. Invest in good quality gear and you will soon be on your way to enjoying the many trail ride events held around the country.

Source by Campbell Hicks