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Here it is the chance that chance of a life time you have been waiting for. Your lucky number is up and you've won that whole world travel trip. It's all yours to choose and it's all paid for. Suddenly you can put all those dreams into reality. The choice is yours. Where do you start, where will you go. Argentina to Amritsar, Bengal to Bolivia, Uruguay to Ulam Bator. Your mind is washed with the possibilities and its amazing how big the world looks when you really can go wherever you want.

Take a map or spin a globe. It is amazing how many fascinating places there are to see when the whole world travel choices are laid out before you. So how will you get to all those fascinating destinations you have always wanted to see? Maybe you will cruise for a year and a day sometimes, or have your own personal sailing boat complete with crew. What about an overland adventure by Jeep Safari or across the desert to Petra and ancient Thebes by camel train. Sailing on the ship of the desert, accompanied by black garbed nomadic tribesmen and spending your nights in the brightly colored tents under the glow of the desert stars. Perhaps train travel is your thing and you're the Orient Express type.

Do you yearn for fine food and white evening dress suits; enjoy mingling with the other elite guests as the luxury train speaks onwards across the continent to the great cities of Christendom and beyond? Or do you see yourself mixing with stars and the glitterati on the luxury liner the QE 2 as she glides across the oceans of the world to the choicest destinies? Forget aeroplanes: see the world from above. A flight of a different sort in a hot air balloon trip across the wastes of Antarctica to the Southern Hemisphere and Australasia, the beauty of the New Zealand islands and the white-fringed beaches and coral reefs of Polynesia.

Why settle for something that's been done by tourists many times before. Strike out, go for the unique. Are you the adventurous type, brave enough to take on new frontiers, to boldly go where few have gone before? What if you could create a space shuttle or space station. That's really traveling the whole world and seeing what few have ever seen. Surrounded by stars in the silent darkness of outer space. Cutting the earthly umbilical cord and floating high above the beautiful blue green planet seeing the whole world as one shining orb.

This is the time to dig out your bucket list. Fulfill those must do, must go choices that have passed time quicker on that dreary journey or helped you through a boring task. It's all out there for you the whole world travel destinations that you will never forget.

Once in a life time may mean just that so go experience life and enjoy.

Source by Robert Grazian