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Travel Right and Light

Just imagine this: you're given the chance to travel to the moon. Do you think you'll be toting a large bag for your space suit? Nah. You've been pulling along a small bag and tote the right travel accessories to cram in your gear. A leather briefcase and a padfolio are the travel accessories you'll have to bring along on your space sojourn with the NASA astros.

You do not have to bring in your wardrobe. Two shirts and pants and a pair of shorts will do. You'll only wear a spacesuit if you're going to do a spacewalk and NASA will sell you that for an atrophic fee. For your clothes, bring those you can not stand to wear because you'll have to burn them all as part of protocol.

But traveling to the moon is a remote possibility for ordinary mortals which travels are limited to the four horizons of the globe. Wherever your trip, you have to have the appropriate travel accessories. It's painful to see a man or woman balancing luggage and bags and racing for a taxi; traveling light is politically correct nowdays, when people seem to be in always in a hurry.

Travels For Business or Leisure

Traveling businesspersons have been targeted with travel accessories by companies that understand their business needs. They have created padfolios, passport holders, ports, briefcases, and travel alarm clocks. The list is even longer, but you can get what you need for a specific travel.

For those adventure travels, you will not be killed with a leather briefcase, would you? You'll live in a backpack, and learn how to live with the barest essentials – an extra pair of pants, three shirts, and two shorts. Stack up on the unmentionables to last you the entire trip. No extra shoes please, and oh, do not forget to bring your toothbrush.

Women are harder to convince to travel light. They must bring that dress along just in case, or two extra pairs of shoes, just in case. They never know who they might meet. Some of them bring along an extra empty suitcase to fill with the spoils of their shopping expeditions. With women, they always bring along best travel accessories, again, just in case.

Weekend Sleepovers

Now this is somewhat tricky and depends where you're going and who'll be with you for the sleepover. If it's an overnight camping break, women have to bring their tubes and jars and an extra of everything. The abundance of travel accessories make it easy for them to pack everything in the right container – a backpack or a make-up or toiletry bag. If it's a sleepover with friends in the neighborhood, an overnight bag can accomodate your flimsy PJs and your makeup.

Young men do have their sleepovers, too. They just bring a pair of boxer shorts and an overnight shirt. No extras. That's how guys are.

Source by Brandonn Johnson