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Victorinox was founded in the year 1884 and is in the global market since 1897. Their first product was the Swiss army knife which became globally famous and loved by the people all over the world. This company has indeed made a great impact on those people who like to use multi tools to fulfill their daily needs. These products are recognized all over the world and are regarded as user friendly tools as they are strictly safe and easy to use. Swiss army knife is a red colored knife which contains a multi purpose tools like a bottle opener, scissors, pliers, knife, screw driver and many other things a person may require during its daily life. Victorinox has become very famous for producing Swiss army products which are of very high quality. The most astonishing fact is that these high quality products are available at a very cheap rate.

The Swiss army knife was included in the Swiss army luggage in the year 1999. The Swiss army luggage members of various items which are manufactured by Victorinox itself. These products include garment and tote bags, backpacks, wheeled luggage, fanny packs, laptop cases, security belts, briefcases and messenger bags. There were other things also included later which included umbrellas, toiletry holders and some other accessories. Swiss army luggage is the most important product in the field of tour and travel. The quality of the Swiss army luggage is very high and that is why it has become the lifestyle of the people. Most people buy only Swiss army luggage because they trust the quality and reliability of theses products.

Besides the products mentioned above, there are several other products which are valuable accessories that come under the category of Swiss army luggage. These products include apparels, kitchen cutlery, travel gears, and watches. All these products are over-engineered and are of high quality. The Swiss army luggage can be broadly classified into three types. The first type is the Tour Bach which is considered to be the best quality of the Swiss army luggage and joins at the top of the line. Second is the Mobilizer NXT which is meant for frequent business travelers and incoming in the mid range. Third and the last one is the basic luggage that can be used by any kind of traveler. Basically it is aimed towards the common traveler which gives high quality products at a very cheap cost.

Source by Ricky Hussey