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Today, more and more people are traveling, which is good for the economy as well as society as a whole. From students grabbing opportunities to study abroad to individuals exploring places they've never been, travel brings many economic benefits to different communities, enlightens those who pursue it, and, on the darker side, can cause much environmental damage.

Travel in itself creates a carbon footprint. From airplanes to cars, there is no way to get from point A to point B without causing some sort of carbon emission (except for walking, perhaps). Host communities also tend to adapt their culture and societal structure to accommodateate tourism, which can cause cultural conflicts over issues such as land use and the loss of indigenous identities and values.

This is why sustainable travel is becoming increasingly important. Sustainable travel leaves the environment a better place, not only by eliminating the carbon footprint associated with travel, but by also inspiring and enlightening those who partake in the journeys.

There are many ways to travel sustainably. Here are a few examples of sustainable ways to travel, and sometimes some adventures you may be interested in having:

Green Helicopter Tours is a company that can show you the most remote, rugged and beautiful areas of the world. The helicopters are super fuel-efficient, and the company offsets the carbon emissions for each individual who books a tour through their website, so you can travel carbon free. Their tours range in location from across the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and more!

Eco-Friendly Tours is a website that offers authentic eco-friendly tours in almost every country across the world. They organize tour companies that live up to the highest standards of eco-friendliness and work to benefit, not harm, the communities in which they send their tourists to. This site will help you in sustainable travel no matter where you want to go or what you want to do!

Day Hiker . What is more eco-friendly than walking? Your feet do not emit carbons and, as long as you remember to pick up your trash along the way (if you produce any) you can take a scenic, adventurous trip while traveling sustainably. This website compiles hiking guides from all over the world, from Colorado to Croatia, nature walks to fourteeneen, so you can be adventurous while staying green.

If you are traveling, do not forget to pack sustainably as well. Versatile, functional travel clothing is essential for sustainable travel. Check out more on sustainable travel, travel clothing and an overall socially conscious clothing brand here.

Source by Adrienne E Estes