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So, you've spent many man hours organizing and planning your travel adventure, not to mention looking oh so forward to it. The time has come. You're now on your trip, but unfortunately you are stuck down with the common cold. You feel a mess, and so too does your adventure. Sound familiar?

Airplanes are formidable carriers of the common cold. Here are four tips to avoid the air travel cold. Some are common sense and plain obvious, but sometimes we as humans are blind to the most obvious. And sometimes common sense is not at all very common.

1. Clean Your Hands

Those hands of yours are the most consistent point of first contact with harmful microorganisms. They make direct contact with the armrest, back seat, handshake etc. Therefore, the basic act of washing your hands with hot soapy water is necessary against the transfer of germs.

If you are able to, wash your hands before any meals, and also after your flight.

Airplane cabins can be a tight squeeze, so getting off your seat to wash your hands before and after each time you eat can be a mission. In that case, taking a small hand sanitizer on board with you will come in handy.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking a lot of water matches the dehydrating effects of air travel (for example fatigue, cramps, stomach problems, headaches). However, doing so can also help your natural immune mechanisms function much better.

Because the air in airline carriers is very dry, your nose and throat are the first areas to suffer.

Sip water consistently during the flight, rather than drinking plenty of water all at once before or during the flight. Doing so will keep your defensive system from long dry periods.

3. Use Mouthwash

Using a germ-killing mouthwash during air travel may give more protection. At the same time, it also assists to keep your throat moist.

Your mouthwash bottle has to comply with the latest carry-one rules. So make sure it does.

4. Take Vitamins

There is no comprehensive evidence that suggests that big vitamin C doses will prevent colds. However, it may decrease the severity or duration of cold symptoms.

So each time you take to the skies, think "hands (and hand sanitizer), water, mouthwash, and vitamin C". You will be doing yourself and your travel experience a huge favor.

Source by James MS Lowe