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Choosing camping equipment is a serious endeavor. Camping is not just a very challenging adventure; it can also be quite expensive as well since most of the gears and tools that you will need are high priced. Once you have bought the right set of camping gears, the next thing that you should do is to make sure that your investment is not wasted. You should store your camping gear properly so that you can use your gear over and over again every time you set out for a camping trip. Below are some ways by which you can store your gear properly.

Storing your Tents

a. Regardless of your tent's fabric, make sure that you store it in a dry place. Moreover, make sure that your storage area is free from pests such as mice, cockroaches, and other insects that may nibble your tent and render it useless for your next camping trip.

b. Before you pack your tent away, you have to check if the whole of the tent is completely dry inside and out. Keep in mind that extra moisture may promote the development of mold and mildew in your tent. Such may also introduce a rotting smell to your tent that is quite difficult to get rid of.

c. When packing your tents, make sure that your tent pegs are stored in their own bags. Never let sharp ends stick out of the bags as these may introduce tear and lies to other fabrics.

d. When you put your camping gear inside your cabinet, make sure that you do not place it under a heavy pile of objects that might introduce cracks and damages to theoles.

Storing your Sleeping bags

a. In the same way that store stores, you should make sure that you keep sleeping bags in a cool but dry place in order to avoid the formation of molds and mildew.

b. If you can, wash or wipe off your sleeping bag before you put it away. Make sure that you let it air dry out in the sun before you put it in your storage cabinet that is free from mice and insects.

Storing your heating equipment

a. Before you away put your stove or your lighting equipment, make sure that all of them are clean. You should also check if they are all working properly as well. If not, you might as well get rid of them right away and buy another one. Make it a point to keep some spare bulbs.

b. When you store your heating equipment, make sure that you put them in their own protective cases. This will help you ensure that they will not be damaged especially those gas lighting tools that have brittle glass parts.

Storing your cooking gear

a. You should gather all of your cooking gear together and check each of them for probable damages. List your cooking gears so you can easily verify anything that is missing. On your next camping trip you will know what needs to be purchased.

b. Make sure that all of your cooking tools are clean in order to prevent rust or dirt from rendering the tool useless. Store them properly. If you can, put them in separate boxes in order to prevent scratches and cracks.

Source by Benedict Yossarian