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If you are planning a camping holiday in NZ you'll be following the thousands of families and individuals every year who get out into the great outdoors to enjoy some of the vast array of beaches, bush and plains that New Zealand has to offer. Seasoned campers will tell you that your enjoyment levels will correspond directly with the amount of forethought that you put into the organization before you leave.

Making sure you have more than a tent and sleeping bag is important, as well as where you'll be and if you've checked the amenities close to where you'll be staying. It is always a good idea to check out what sort of weather you can expect too. The country as a whole often surprises tourists who are used to being able to pick up all the equipment they need from local towns and / or cities. While you can certainly find things in larger centers like Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington, it can be more difficult to find everything you need near the more remote rural towns, so buying all your equipment before you leave for your destination destination is often a good idea .

Camping holidays in NZ can be a lot of fun, as long as you are prepared. The first consideration is the weather. The country is known to have "four seasons in one day" and with good reason. It can change from a stunning blue sky day to a raining one in minutes. Good water proofed equipment is a wise move, and it's good to consider storage of food and cooking supplies should it bucket down.

It's a good idea to also look at what sort of cooking you'll be doing. Many people find a camping stove with a gas burner is adequate. The size of this depends on the size of your camping group. If you've got a large group of friends or family, then it's unwisely to come with just a single burner as you'll have frustrated dinars.

Taking a first aid kit with you is a must, as is some bottled water. If you are carrying everything into the campsite it might be tempting to go in with as few things as possible, but the more remote you are, the better it is to ensure you are resourced. Many of the camping grounds in New Zealand have an on-site store where you can purchase supplies.

There is plenty to do and explore outside once you're on your camping holiday in NZ. However it's always a good idea to pack a book, a few board games and have a couple of good tales to tell in the evenings, or if you experience a few rainy days.

Source by Kelly Fredrickson