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If you want to total independence when you travel the UK and Europe do it in a motorhome!

Go where you want, do what you want and stop where you want that is why people love life in a motorhome.

A motorhome is a home from home and comes with all you would expect including a fully fitted kitchen, a bathroom with a shower and dining room / bedroom.

Motorhomes have evolved over the years and they now offer everything you would need to ensure a comfortable trip away. They are well equipped and can come fitted with a cooker with grill and oven, a microwave, a fridge / freezer, a fixed double bed, shower with toilet, hot and cold running water, central heating for the winter and air con for the summer , they can even come with a garage at the back big enough for a motorbike!

Newer motorhomes come with power steering, economic diesel & cruise control.

Motorhomes all come in different guises but they all offer the same objective a home on wheels, whether it is a weekend away, a 2 week holiday or a year to travel Europe with a motorhome you have choice.

Motorhomes have different names they are also known as RV's (Recreational Vehicles), campervans and campers and they all offer different levels of comfort & size.

The cost of transportation and accommodation in the UK and Europe is rising so a motorhome is very good for your budget as this is your accommodation and transport in one.

Life in a motorhome enables you to a pace of life / holiday you choose with the freedom to stop & start as and when you wish, enjoying the outdoor life and barbequing. Good for anyone with hobbies such as mountain biking, skiing, surfing etc, take the equipment with you and park up while doing the activity with a cold beer or a hot cup of tea on standby and an easily accessible loo especially useful at music festivals where they leave a lot to be desired

You can be in a busy place or choose the peace & quiet of the countryside in a motorhome you have choice!

About the Author Wilmot Alexandra is a travel guide and has a wealth of travel experience from his travels around the world. He is currently associated with Coolcampervans (campervan and motorhome hire) and it working as a consultant with them.

Source by Wilmot Alexandra