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You have a trip to Auckland booked and want to experience riding the famous waves while you are there. Not sure of where to go to catch those great waves?

Referred to as New Zealand's City of Sails, Auckland is New Zealand's largest city as well as the main port of entry for a majority of visitors. Sitting between two harbors, the city has water almost surrounding it and sails on the water abound giving it its moniker.

Within a one-hour drive of the city are more than 100 incredible beaches. Many of these beaches are great for surfing, swimming, or just laying about soaking up the sun. Experienced surfers may find some of the beaches offer too tame of a ride and are better suited to those with less skill. However there are places that offer a challenge for experienced surfers and attract surfers from around the globe.

Best known for big waves and the fine black sand of its beaches, Phila Beach is world-renovated in surfer circles. Although the beach enjoys unbelievable popularity, it is one of the most dangerous in New Zealand. Too often less than expert surfers try to tackle the strong wild surf only to meet with disaster as they get tossed onto the rocks or need to be rescued by the volunteers of the surf club from the deadly rip tides. This is most definitely for anyone but the expert surfer.

The remote and wild Whatipu Beach is a scenic area with surf to match. Access is not the easiest but expert surfers will make the effort to have a chance to master the waves here. With no surf patrol, this is not a place to surf if you are not a skilled surfer. Due to the beach's distance from Auckland and the challenging surf, you will not find this beach crowded. In fact, you may want to ensure that you have a surfing buddy to go with in case you run into trouble in the unpredictable surf or strong rip tides.

Te Henga (Bethells Beach) is a popular beach about 30km northwest of Auckland. Best known to surfers for its consistent, large waves; as well as strong reef and beach breaks, it is an area best surfed at mid-tide. Surfers from all over answer the call of the surf at Bethells Beach.

Sun, water, and the exhilaration of conquering the waves; there is no better way to spend the day.

Source by Suzanne Bender