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New Zealand is a camper's paradise; with 30% of NZ being protected the camping options are limitless. The types of beautiful scenery are limited only by how long you have to camp and what you want to see.
The New Zealand government under the Department of Conservation (DOC) manages these areas. The main parks and forest reserves are listed under Adventure Kiwis guide to National Parks.
Camping with permission from landowners can also be done on some great areas of private land. (Please ensure you have permission)
There are also many great guided trekking and camping companies with expert guides to show you some of those hidden New Zealand gems.
Always remember to pack enough clothing for all changes of weather as in New Zealand you can experience all seasons in one day.

When heading out on your camping adventure consider these things

Pick a sturdy tent that can with stand a heavy rain but offers ventilation for warm days.

Nylon vs. Canvas, Nylon is lightweight and often cheaper, canvas is more durable expensive and heavy.

A dome tent will offer the best option for your ease of set up and take down.

Choose a level campsite out of the prevailing wind, with good drain in case of wet weather.

Avoid camping under large trees with a windfall risk.

Do not touch the sides of your tent or allow your gear to lean against the tent walls.

A ground cloth placed under your tent will also keep your tent floor dry and clean.

Properly secure all tent poles and tie downs.

If you're at a campground, find out about security and the "quiet" hours. Be respectful of others.

Check out any hazards in the campsite area, especially for children, such as streams, rivers and busy roads.

Minimise your impact on the environment.

New Zealand often has many search and rescue missions conducted every year. Always remember, if you wish to camp in New Zealand take care and follow all safety instructions.

Source by Glenn Bongartz